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    Is available LTE communication in INTEL RTF?


      HI! I wonder if i can use LTE communication in INTEL RTF.


      In this Article(Intel's build-from-scratch Aero Ready to Fly Drone Kit will take off next month | PCWorld ), It looks LTE communication in INTEL RTF is available.


      But, in this page(Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone - Intel® Aero Platform Developer Kits ), there is No information about LTE.


      So,i'm Confused about availability of LTE.


      Is available LTE communication in INTEL RTF?


      (PS1.  In this PDF(https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/managed/25/d5/Intel-Aero-Compute-Board-Getting-Started.pdf ), RESERVED part between part 11(WIFI module), 13(M.2 slot) looks like SIM slot. Is it really SIM slot? If the RESERVED part is SIM slot, can i Insert LTE module at the other RESERVED part around part 9(Flexible I/O connector) to use LTE communication?)


      (PS2. According to the article, FPGA module can be used to image recognition. Is it really?)