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    update Flash by capsuleapp.efi  UEFI Shell,get error!!!


      I want to update my flash on galileo gen2,Programming flash using UEFI shell,

      my process follows:

      1/get CapsuleApp.efi and Flash-missingPDAT.cap follow the intel document then copy to sd card and insert;

      2/go into uefi shell GUI,

      3/# CapsuleApp.efi Flash-missingPDAT.cap

      get error :

      CapsuleApp: SecurityAuthenticateImage 0xD42E410

      CapsuleApp: creating capsule descriptors at 0xF0DE510

      CapsuleApp: capsule data starts          at 0xD42E410 with size 0x75B190

      CapsuleApp: capsule block/size              0xD42E410/0x75B190


      Start to update capsule image!

      Updated Blocks completed: 0 of 131

      Invalid capsule format. Please furnish a valid capsule. Return status is Invalid Parameter!


      my uefi version on board:

      EFI Specification Revision : 2.31

      EFI Vendor                 : EKI

      EFI Revision               : 1.0


      I want to ask what't wrong ,anyone do it successfully? I absolutely follow the intel document Quark_BSP_BuildandSWUserGuide_329687_007.pdf ,I dont know why.