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    Can't detect R200. Help!


      1month ago, I purchased Realsense R200 and installed R200 Camera Driver(ver. [ My Computer Spec. / CPU : intel i7-6700 3.40Hz, GPU: Radeon RX480, OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit, RAM 16GB ]

      However, Today My computer can't detect R200.

      So I tested R200 using notebook. Equally, It can't detect R200.

      Finally, after uninstalling R200 Camera Driver and trying to install it again, it failed.

      I checked R200 and found that green led was off.

      When putting USB cable, green led blink one time.

      I attached the picture. ( Red text mean “The installer did not find a RealSense 3D camera on your system. Installation has been closed.”)

      Can you give a solution? Picture 1.JPG