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    overheating i7 6700k


      i just bought my brand new i7 6700k processor two days ago.

      I noticed that my 6700k processor has incredibly high temperature constantly around 90-100 degrees during cpu test.

      I even spent $150 to upgrade my cpu fan to a high end water-cooling cpu fan.

      In order to make it cooler and increase both life span of motherboard and CPU.

      However, the temperature has NO difference at all. i tried to find solution whole night.

      I noticed there are many customers complained about high temperature ( around 60-70 full load) i was like srsly man???  mine is 90-100 with water-cooling @ default setting.



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          Hello jamestnt,


          Provide the following information;


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            hi Amy


            thanks for your reply


            ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400MHz Memory Red

            motherboard: Asus z170-AR


            Cooler: coolermaster seidon 240v


            OS: win10


            CPU(test/monitor): aida64; cpu-z


            seems like intel processor diagnostic tool wont overclock and turbo boost cpu. The frequency constantly at 4.0 Ghz. therefore, the temp wont go any higher than 80+ degree.

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              Hi Amy


              due to IPD tool failed to turbo boost to 4.2 ghz. then I used AIDA64; CPUID; DUAL INTELIGENT PROCESSORS 5 to monitor and test cpu.

              1.test begin

              Capture 44 SEC.PNG

              2. @2mins high temp cpu constantly 88 degree, and two cores reached 100 degrees




              3. test @4mins 4 cores reached 100 degree. extremely unusual voltage 1.392v @ 4.1ghz !                             ps: normally people get 1.2v-1.3v top, therefore the temp is also way lower than mine


              Some people pointed out for me, my cpu has really high core voltage even @4.2ghz (top), which means it has no overclocking potential.

              i spent a lot of money on a i7 6700k (unclocked), and good overclocking motherboard z170. It seems like pretty much pointless to purchase this high end set up for now.

              But honestly i think this temperature is really unacceptable under default bios setting NO OVERCLOCKING except turbo boost itself.

              If the temp still that high, it could definitely damage my motherboard and other hardware.

              yesterday i upgraded my desktop case to a bigger size and watercooling cpu fan.

              In order to solve temp and high voltage problem. BUT Nothing changed T-T.

              During this time Intel service still unavailable

              please help intel.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Thank for the report.


                 From the report from the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool, all the temperature tests were passed. We take into consideration those tools provided by Intel, and this result indicates that your processor is behaving as expected. I understand that the other tools are showing different values but those are third party tools, we rely on the Intel's tools. However, If you detected something wrong with the processor you can always get in contact with the place of purchase to check your warranty options, or you can contact us to check them ourselves. See the contact information Contact Support.




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                  Did you check to make sure the pump is working correctly? check for one warm hose.

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                    Same problem here with my i7 6700k. Replaced the water cooler (Corsair H75) with a new identical one, same problems. The i7 6700k is faulty, but trying to get Intel to RMA it is like pulling your teeth out!


                    So let's make this clear: with NO overclocking or tweaks, when running Prime95 with small FFT's, it should never make the i7 run above 70C with water cooling.


                    There appears to be many other users affected by the i7 processors overheating, despite the correct cooling measures in place and NOT overclocking.


                    Please Intel, sort this out, otherwise I will in future only buy x86 processors from your rival company. I paid good money for my i7 6700k, I can't use XMP (the memory supports it, but the CPU runs above 85C with XMP and the computer malfunctions e.g. Windows blue screen crashes!). The lowest I can get this CPU to operate is 78C with WATER COOLING. This will no doubt shorten the life of the processor?  Under 100% load, the CPU should never run anywhere near this hot with a water cooler.


                    I HAVE CHECKED EVERYTHING has been done properly, thermal paste, reset the CMOS, updated the BIOS, re-installed Windows 10, made sure I'm using the latest chipset drivers (Intel chipset on the Asus Maximus Gene VIII), NOT overclocked, but I can't fix this problem without replacing the CPU. I really don't know what to do, I can't afford to buy a replacement i7 6700k. Sorry Intel, but I'm not a millionaire.

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                      I am really sorry to hear that this product caused this inconvenience.


                      At this stage, from your input the next step will be getting in contact with our support in order to check the replacement options for the unit. You have done all the possible troubleshooting steps, and since the issue persisted the replacement is the next step.




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                        Tjunction Max is the maximum temperature the cores can reach before thermal throttling is activated. Thermal throttling happens when the processor exceeds the maximum temperature. The processor shuts itself off in order to prevent permanent damage. Tjunction Max (Tj Max) is also referred to as TCC Activation Temperature in certain processor datasheets.


                        Intel® Processors have built-in thermal protection. If the processor gets too hot, the built-in protection shuts down the processor. If your computer is not over-clocked, and is running under the design specifications, the built-in protection can help prevent damage to your system. What do I do if my computer is overheating?

                        Frequently Asked Questions about Temperature for Intel® Desktop and...


                        You can run up to 99c safely according to the i7 6700k Intel datasheet, it is 100c for TCC Activation.