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    Flashing custom board based on D2000 via D2000 dev kit - problem


      Dear all,

         I have problem with flashing D2000 unit please support me if any of you have some idea. I made custom board for IoT by my selfs of course it is first version and till end of curent year I want to produce next version. Third  version after tests it should go to our clients (about end of February).


      Problem description:

         I paste into the custom board parts responsible for power and reset of the mcu. In next step I connect the JTAG from original D2000 board and reset line. As next step I connect board int ISSM environment and set up conection via JTAG as on screen below. I was verry happy that it is working properly. In next step I want to flash ROM in my new MCU but during ROM flashing process (about 50%) I recived the error as on second screen below. In case of any problem I can attacht my schematic or board layout. Does anyone have some idea what can be wrong or maybe some of you had similary problem?



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