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    Old BIOS Download?



      I'm looking to download a copy of the original BIOS for the Joule. We're noticing substantially worse performance on Joules running the September fimware release "Joule_C0-X64-Release-131-Public_DNX.bin" compared to the firmware from August that came on the Joules we updated.


      Is there anyone who has a copy of that old firmware that could post it?




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Ben,

          Let us investigate this a little bit more, we’ll get back to you once we have some more updates on the BIOS information. Thank you for your patience.
          In the meantime, could you please let us know what differences have you noticed between the two versions? Or at least the most notorious differences. 


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            Hi Pablo,

            I ordered an extra Joule Board that came with the old firmware to compare the differences we were seeing in performance, and found that the problem was the old firmware reporting the clock speed wrong to Linux, and so our performance was not actually suffering in the new system, but mis-reported in the old one.