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    GIGABYTE Z170-D3H with i7 6700k and EVGA 980Ti runs in 8xPCIE 3.0 only under load.





      1) I have single GPU.

      2) I using right first PCIE 3.0 16x slot on my board.

      3) I have latest bios F20 and running in default setting.


      My board and gpu supports 16xPCIE 3.0 but i cant find solution how to run my system like that. Under GPUZ render test and CPUZ information tab my system use only PCIE 3.0 with 8x lines.... And it is not maximum 16x lines.

      Only idea what can I do is unpluged my graphics card and try it in another system with 3.0 PCIE spec, if the behavior will be same ( faulty my GPU ) or not ( faulty my motherboard )....

      Iam really bored with it.


      Thx for any advice and help.