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    Wake on USB Activity - Reproducible Challange



          I have multiple computers on my desk and desire to purchase a USB Switch to enable sharing a keyboard and mouse. 

      Unfortunetly, I ran into a reproducible situation where the NUC is not consistently waking from sleep on keyboard input after a USB input device is powered down and back up when the NUC is sleeping.


      Reproduction Steps and Environment

      I have reproduced this behavior in two ways


      1) I have my NUC6i7KYK hooked up to a ViewSonic VP2780 monitor which has a USB hub through which I connect my keyboard and mouse to the NUC.  If the NUC is in sleep mode and I power the monitor off and on, the keyboard will no longer wake the NUC.

      2) I plug the keyboard directly into the NUC.  When the NUC sleeps,I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.  The keyboard will not longer wake the NUC.


      In both situations, I can wake up the NUC by using another USB device which was not powered down ( i.e. a bluetooth Steam controller via dongle)


      Any suggestions?  I have already tried adjusting the BIOS Power settings to no avail.




      Grounded Reality

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello GroundedReality,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Please try the following:

          1. Open the Keyboard control panel item.
          2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Properties.
          3. Click the Change Settings button.
          4. Click the Power Management tab and then verify that the “Allow this device to wake the computer” is enabled.
          5. Click OK, and then click OK again.
          If that does not work, access the BIOS and once you are in the BIOS press F9 on your keyboard to set your BIOS to default settings and then press F10 to save all changes, see that works.
          If the problem persists, try a BIOS update, you can download that latest version here:
          Please see BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC
          Also, make sure you have the latest graphics driver installed, you can download it here:
          Intel® Graphics Driver
          I hope this can help.
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            Hi Ivan,

                Thanks for the suggestions.  I already have the latest BIOS and Graphic Drivers and after reverting the BIOS to the defaults I can still reproduce the issue. 


            Want to reiterate that the keyboard will normally wake the NUC from sleep and that it only fails to after it is unplugged and plugged back in while the NUC is sleeping.

            I know that the NUC is sleeping because the power light is blinking blue.  I believe this has nothing to do with the Video driver ( if I force the PC to wake via pressing the power button, the video returns and the keyboard starts working).


            Are you able to reproduce this behavior using a USB keyboard and setting the sleep time in Windows 10 to 1 minute?

            Any other ideas?




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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              I have tested this unit and we get the same behavior, also I did LAB with different computer and same issue, so it seems that the issue is not only with the NUC because I tested a dell computer and same problem, I tested another NUC and the same happen.
              Do you get this behavior with other components beside the Intel® NUC?
              In addition, I will appreciate if you can attach your system information to further investigate the issue, you can follow the steps how to get it below.
              Intel SSU (System Support Utility): (Note - This is a new Intel tool that will eventually incorporate gathering all the data needed in one click. Targeting end of year to be fully featured. Until then, please provide the DxDiag and DispDiag as well)
              Download Intel® System Support Utility

              1. Download the utility
              2. Run the exe and select 'Scan'
              3. Save and include as an attachment int he Intel Community Forum
              DxDiag Instructions:
              1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “DxDiag” -> Press “Enter” -> Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to finish loading
              2. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click “Save All Information” -> Save the file DxDiag.txt
              3. Include DxDiag.txt as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum
              DispDiag Instructions:
              1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “cmd” -> Then a command shell window will open
              2. In the command shell, type “dispdiag -out %homepath%\Desktop\DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat” -> The command shell will output something similar to “Dump File: C:\Users\[username]\DispDiag-########-######-#####-#####.dat”
              3. Locate the .dat file on your desktop and include DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat in the Intel Community Forum
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                Hi Ivan.   

                    Please find attached the requested logs.  I don't have another Windows 10 PC to test on.



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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Thank you GroundedReality, I also try this on Linux and same happen, so is not an issue with Windows, at least that's what it seems to be. Have you seen this behavior in another system where your using Windows®7 or other Windows® version?

                  We really appreciate you have taken your time to report it.

                  Best wishes,


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                    Ivan -

                       On my windows 7 work PC, the PC never wakes from sleep via input from the keyboard, so it has bigger problems now than my NUC....


                    On another note, I did some additional research on KVM switches and according to this Wikipedia article, I will need to get a DDM type USB KVM.  It is the only type of KVM that continually emulates the attached devices so that the attached computers always thinks that the USB devices are attached ( even when the KVM is connecting the USB devices to a different PC).  Non DDM type USB KVMs will experience the same problem reported in this thread.


                    Thanks for your follow up.  At this point, I will purchase a DDM KVM switch and feel confident that I will not experience the problem reported in this thread with my NUC.




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                      Let us know how it goes. I am using non-DDM KVMs currently (both DVI- and HDMI-based) and I don't see any issues, but I have sleep disabled...


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                        Hi GroundedReality,


                        My apologies if I you already mentioned this but how about testing the Keyboard directly connected to the NUC without unplugging and plugging it back? Does it wake up the system as expected?



                        Ronny G

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                          Hi Ronny,

                               Appreciate your suggestion...Yes - I already tested that my NUC can be woken from sleep successfully by either a keyboard plugged directly into the NUC or plugged in via a USB Hub connected to the NUC.



                          Grounded Reality