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    Dual Screen BSOD boot on windows 10


      Hoping someone can help with the frustrating problem I am currently having with my machine. Recently upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise and since upgrading seem to be having a BSOD issue on boot. My current setup is a Lenovo E63z with a Dual Screen attached via the built in HDMI port. When the machine boots with the dual screen connected the device will blue screen with an error message saying VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (igdkmd64.sys).
      To get the device to boot I have to unplug the dual screen, logon then reconnect and it works fine, as soon as the device is restarted I am hit with the same process over again. Currently got the newest drivers available on the intel website installed ( I have also attached the Hardware ID's from within Device Manager


      Anyone else experienced this and have any resolution on how to fix it?