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    Getting interrupts working on Joule in C++


      Hi, I am trying to get an external device to signal the Joule, via interrupts, using the MRAA library and can't seem to get it to work. I'm using pin 31 on the expansion board for my external device (that generates an interrupt signal) but I don't know what that maps to in the mraa::Gpio() constructor call in C++.


      Basically, I'm calling


      mraa::Gpio *p = new mraa::Gpio(pin); // what pin is GPIO 0?


      p->isr(mraa:EDGE_FALLING, myISR, data);


      with error checks, but my ISR - myISR() - never gets invoked. What line in the MRAA library is GPIO 0? Or GPIO 1 or 2? Any suggestions? Thanks.




      PS On a different note, why can't I paste into this window (using IE 11)? ctrl-v or right-click -> paste does not work.