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    Intel HD Graphics Screen Backlight Flashing



      I have a problem with Lenovo V310-15 i3-6100u, 8 GB, integrated graphic. I am using Windows 10. I discovered that when I set brightness to 0-4%, the backlight is flashing. Please watch the video on youtube.



      What I also found of is that this issue happens only when AC is connected and on Windows 10 - it's ok on Linux Mint. Moreover, the flashing stops when CPU is stressed, for example when running Prime95. It's weird, imho it's not certainly screen fault. AC adapter maybe? But it's not happening on Linux.

      So, I am pretty sure it's because of Intel drivers. I tried to install version from Lenovo and Intel Download Center site too. I disabled Intel Display Energy Saving Technology, changed power plan.

      I was talking to Lenovo's support, but they said they can't do anything unless I will send them the device.

      Please help.