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    Gen2 Component?


      Hello All,


      I hit to my galileo gen 2 and i broke this component, card now doesn't power on,


      Can anybody tell me what is this  ? (number are very small)  and if i can purchase to weld again?





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi cristian_lainfo,


          Thanks for your interest in the Intel Galileo Gen 2 Platform.


          I'm sorry to hear that your board is not powering on.


          Now regarding your issue, if you look at the image attach below, you will see that in order to determine which component you damage, I follow the line of connection between the damaged component and the nearest IC (TPS652510). Then I examine the schematic of the board and notice that your component is an inductor, see pin 14 (LX1_1).


          It is up to you if you want to replace this inductor or if you want to purchase another board.




          1) Schematic: Schematic for Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Board .
          2) Points of purchase for Galileo Gen 2: Shop Intel for Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Board .


          I hope you find this information useful, have a nice day!


          Best Regards,

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            Hi cristian_lainfo,


            Do  you have any more questions regarding your damaged component? If you have, please let us know in order to assist you.


            Best Regards,