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    Intel DZ77SL-50K Refuses to Display Video After I Tweaked the BIOS, Even After Attempts to Reset BIOS Multiple Times?


      Everything is plugged in and everything was working this morning for Windows 10 - I was using it for a few days.  I noticed that I had to press the power button twice to start it off, though.  This is a minor annoyance, so I tried to set the BIOS to allow it to not hang at startup with the Intel logo sitting there, doing nothing.  So I turned off Legacy Boot and USB Boot options in the VisualBIOS.  Well, unfortunately, after I tried to boot again, no video at all was displayed, and multiple CMOS and jumper-connector resets have done me no good.  Did I fry the board, or is it just Intel boards that experience these problems?  I notice a lot of other forum posts online with similar questions, but they are not resolved.  Help?

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