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    How can I get the Intel CPUID String?

      How to get CPUID String.


      I'm working in a  Desktop Hardware Inventory Project, and I need to get the CPUID String  of  Intel Processors in the local machine. I know this String is built with the CPU Family,Model and Stepping converted in Hex.


      CPU family  : 15
      model         : 4
      stepping      : 1

      CPU family   : 0F
      model          : 4
      stepping       : 1

      CPUID String = 0f41h

      Newer processors have more characters in the CPUID String: 1 , 2.


      Intel® Core™ i5 Processor I5-750S - CPUID String = 106E5h
      Intel® Core™ i5 Processor I5-661- CPUID String = 20652h


      How can I compose this new CPUID String?