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    Can't boot from USB


      NUC5CPYH with LIBREELEC installed on SSD.

      I have a flash drive with another LIBREELEC build which I can boot from on any other PC but not from this NUC.

      I can boot other flash drives like windows install media on this NUC.

      When I hit F10 and select the LIBREELEC flash drive as the boot device the NUC still boots from the SSD.

      I have a suspicion that the problem is related to the LIBREELEC folder structure which causes a confusion during boot. 

      Any idea how to fix this ?

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello danik56,

          I will be more than glad to assist you with your matter.

          I would like you to please try to boot from another USB device; if the issue persists, please try to use Windows.

          With any of both scenarios, please let me know any of the results.

          Hope I can hear from you soon.


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            I can boot from another USB device but not from a LIBREELEC live stick. I can also boot from LIBREELEC install media.

            I don't have windows.

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              1. What kind of Libreelec installation media are you using ? For Windows or for Unix?

              2. If you are using Windows creation media (which is for 32 bit machine), that could be yours problem, so create USB with Linux 64 bit media and try to boot it.

              3. If you are are already using Linux media, and it doesn't work, try with Libreelec for windows.

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                The installation media was created on windows.

                I can boot from the installation media.

                I can't boot from the usb image created by the installation media.

                Same usb image boots fine on any other PC with ASUS or GIGABYTE boards.

                It doesn't boot only on the NUC.

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                  I've succeeded to create bootable USB with libreelec that is booting on my NUC . Please follow this procrdure:

                  1. Download Installation Media creator for windows: https://libreelec.tv/downloads/

                  2. Execute the installation media creator LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32.exe in PC running windows.

                  3. Select version: Generic AMD/Intel/Nvidia (x86_64)

                  3. Make V under Show all.

                  4. Select latest version LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.008.img.gz for download and press Download.

                  5. Select your USB stick

                  6. Press Write and wait till it finishes.


                  You can use this USB and boot NUC (with F10) for installation.

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                    Please read my previous reply again:


                    I can boot from the installation media. (that is what you were able to do)

                    After I boot from the installation media, I install LIBREELEC into a second USB stick.

                    I can't boot from the 2ed usb stick created by the installation media stick.

                    Please note that I have an SSD with LIBREELEC already connected to the NUC.

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                      OK, although  this not Libreeleck forum, I've did also the following test for you.

                      1. On one Sandisk USB3 stick I've install LIbreelec Installation Media (according to procedure detailed in my post numbered 5). This USB I've pushed into one USB slot on my NUC (NUC6i5SYH).

                      2. In second USB slot on my NUC I've pushed a Transedent USB3 stick.

                      3. I've booted my NUC form the Sandisk USB.

                      4. Then I've installed Libreelec on Transedent stick.

                      5. The Sandisk stick was removed from NUC.

                      6. NUC was successfully rebooted from Transedent USB with KODI working and ready to adding ADDS ON.


                      For me it is working OK.

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                        Do you also have an SSD attached with another LIBREELEC build ?

                        I've been saying from the get go that I think the problem is caused by having 2 bootable LIBREELEC builds attached.

                        Is there a way I can disable the SSD drive in the BIOS to prove my point ?

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                          1. I do not believe that the SDD with Libreelec prevents your NUC to boot from USB with Libreerec, since you are writing that you can boot this NUC from USB with Libreerec installation media. Any way you can disable your SSD from BIOS: Advanced->Devices->Sata->remove V from chipset Sata.

                          2. I believe that if you will follow exactly what I did, it will work (i.e. you need use exactly same versions and same files  as I've used while  preparing the installation media). See my post numbered 5). Then you need to prepare an USB with Libreerec on your NUC after booting your NUC from the installation Media.

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                            Ok. after disabling SATA in the bios, I can boot from the USB stick just fine. so it is the presence of the SSD causing the issue.

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                              Intel Corporation
                              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                              Hello danik56,

                              It is good to know that you were able to solve your concern.

                              If the issue persists, now that you have selected the boot option, please refer to LibreELEC Support:

                              LibreELEC Forum Support

                              I am looking forward to hearing from you.

                              Best regards,

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                                It is hard to agree with your statement that Sata SSD prevents you from booting from USB.  In addition, in your post numbered 6, you have written that you are booting from the USB with installation media. Are you? So, now your latest post is not consistent. What is the deference? In my opinion, NUC boots from Sata, because this is Bios default setting to boot from internal device.

                                Try the following:

                                1. During power up, depress F10, to enter the boot menu and select your USB to boot.




                                2. Enter Bios setting: Advanced->Boot->Boot Configuration and set "V" on Boot USB Devices First"

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                                  I think you are misinterpreting (or I am ). He is saying that, after installing the distro to the HDD, the Live CD won't boot. It is not a boot selection issue (once distro was installed, he couldn't start the boot of the Live CD without using F10 anyway - and he says he was using F10). I don't think that the type of HDD makes any difference; I think that the issue is that the Live CD is somehow seeing the HDD install content and not running properly as a result (perhaps a boot loader issue?).



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                                    I press PF10 to override the boot sequence and select the USB stick.

                                    I can boot the install media.

                                    I can't boot the live stick.

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