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    Intel Modules Programming in Java



      I am naive in iOT but watched real cool stuff on America's Greatest Makers so got interested. I have some questions that I had difficulty in finding answers:

      -Can we program Intel Curie in Java or is it only C/C++. Is work going on at present to provide support for Curie in Java? I understand Intel Edison Module could now be programmed in Java.


      -Is there support to program in Java for Intel Studio for Microcontrollers



      Many thanks


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi JWyse,

          Thank you for contacting us.
          Below you’ll find the answers to your questions:
          The Curie module can be programmed in C++; it can’t be programmed in Java. This applies for any software tool you plan to develop, whether if it’s the Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers or the Arduino IDE.

          Currently, there aren’t any plans to implement Java to be used in the Curie. The Edison module is a different platform, and has a different development resources.

          Let me know if this answers your questions.


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            Hi JWyse,


            Do you still need assistance with this case? Did you find useful the information we posted?