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    Custim board with Curie issue - property power connection




      I'm designing custom board with Curie and I have some troubles with power management.I planned 3V3 main voltage.


      First question - proper connect of AON_IO_VCC


      First, in Curie Module Design guide there is;

      3.2.3 AON IO Power

      This pin powers the AON block of the Intel® Curie™ and must comply with the timing sequence shown in Figure 12

      If the IO voltage is 1.8V, it is recommended to use LDO1P8_VOUT to power this pin.

      It can be fed by other power supplies also provided it meets the power sequence requirements. If the IO voltage is set to 3.3

      VDC, then supplying from the ESR1 regulator is permitted

      But in this document there is another point ov view:


      3.4.1 ESR1 and ESR2 regulators

      Do NOT use these regulators. It is highly recommended to connect the pins below to reduce leakage current.

      · ESR1_VBAT and ESR2_VBATT - connect to ground

      · ESR1_LX and ESR2_LX - leave open

      · VDD_PLAT_3P3 and VDD_PLAT_1P8 - connect using 10k resistor to ground

      So, what is the right way - using ESR1 or not using for powering AON_IO_VCC?!


      Second question - possibility of connect AON_IO_VCC to BUCK_VOUT

      In the design guide and Curie's datasheet there is no information about possibility of the connect AON_IO_VCC to BUCK_VOUT. Can it be right and good decision? In my case I don't want to use external LDO or DC converters for supplying AON_IO_VCC. And I planning powering by BUCK_VOUT external ICs and sensors for my application.