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    NUC6i3SYH, 200GB Sandisk Ultra microSD Card Not Recognized.....


      Yesterday, I got a 200GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card courtesy of the Amazon deals going on for Black Friday and the week after. The card will not work with my NUC6i3SYH, running Windows 10. The card works fine in other PCs and devices, including the tablet that I got the card for, and it is factory formatted in exFAT, so it should work fine in my NUC. The 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card that it is replacing works just fine in the NUC, using the same microSD to SD card adapter that came with the 200GB card, and it is fully recognized with read/write permissions in the NUC, so I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be, other than a software bug. I am running all the latest Intel drivers, Windows updates, and the most current BIOS version. Any thoughts or suggestions?