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    [Need some Help] X-25M G2 BSOD with AHCI Enabled



      Firstly thanks for dropping by and i apologize in advance if this has been discussed before somewhere.

      Here's the problem, my Intel X-25G2 80gb was working flawlessly for the past 1 and the half month with AHCI



      Until last week it began to BSOD immediately on Win7 x64 boot screen i had no choice but to switch to IDE mode in order to

      load windows. I set it to AHCI again and tried to reformat and reinstall win7 all over again but each time it freezes on "Completing Installation"

      I contacted intel support and submitted my CSV log files to them and they said there was no problem with the logs


      I am running out of ideas, can someone pls help me?

      The drive is on the latest firmware.


      IDE mode really drags this drive to a crawl, 4k read/write speeds has drop to something like 4.1 mbps on crystalmark


      system specs:

      Intel i7-920

      EVGA Classifed on BIOS 44

      Corsair HX 1000w PSU

      Team Xtreem 6gb 1866mhz

      GTX 295 video card

      Intel X-25 G2 80gb