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    DP45SG and Corsair TW3X4G1333C9DHX?




      Sorry if my english is not allways good.


      I have some troubles with my Computer.


      I have a:

      Mobo: DP45SG

      Proc: Q9550 C2Q

      Ram: 4GB Corsair XMS3 CM3X2G1333C9

      Video: XFX ATI XXX HD4870

      PSU: 700W

      OS: Win 7 ultimate.


      I build this machine like at the middle-end of 2009. I have some trubles with restarts.


      Then an actually the Intel Desktop Center is a Beta and I dont believe what it shows, sometimes the temperatures pup in less than a second from 55 to 65º (for example). I think that is because the Beta`s edition. So I start to use another testing temperature programs.


      First it restarts evetually I have tried to put different OS like XP, Vista, 7 RC, 7 Ultimate and with all the same problem. Thinking that a bad ventilation affects,, I put more fans. Doesn´t work.


      I seein IDCC that the ram temperature gets high and i have buyed a cooler for memory. When I tried to put them it doesnt feet so well because it was for memories without the metallic cover that the corsair TW3X4G1333C9 has. I put them and I brake 1 of the 2 memories because I make too much preasure with the screws of the cooler. I have to put, not too tight, only 1 memory of 2 GB to my machine still work.


      Then I search for a processor air cooling and the cooler master V8 was a good choice. Still restarts.


      Then I search for a high ventilated chassis and the Cooler Master HAF 922 was a good choice. Still restarts.


      The PSU is not bad because its almost new an I have tried it in a computer with similar specs an the same video card and no problem.


      With all changes it restarts less times, but the problem continues. When I use the computer for really basic stuff (word, excel, internet), every thing is OK, but wen I start to play games (from counter strike to crysis) it only takes a wile to restart, about 20-30 min. The only thing that continues showing that get`s hot is the ram memory in the IDCC, but li I said I dont really trust in that program. I dont know other program that shows me the temperatures of the memory.


      Sick of all that restarts today i have buyed an 8GB (4 x 2GB) corsair TW3X4G1333C9DHX that comes with its own coolers but I have to wait like 15 days to they come to Guatemala.


      I see that other people has troubles with this memories in this motherboard. I dont know if I have make a mistake buying this memories?


      Does anyone has this memories on your machine?, working good?, someone can give me an advise about other things to try about the restart problem?