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    Bluetooth mouse Freezes / Bluetooth drivers up to date, or are they? Hmm


      Trying to solve my Logitech MX Anywhere 2 issue. The mouse Freezes when not being used for a short while, 20 seconds. Its a Bluetooth device, that worked great with my old MacBook Pro and no Freezing.


      When checking the drivers I'm running the Current version. But according to the Driver site its never Drivers! With lower version number. :-) When trying to install them, it wont. Having still the version above.


      Current: 19.11.1639.649 / 2016-09-29

      Latest: 19.10.1635 / 10/31/2016 


      Anyone who can enlighten me on the driver issue and maybe Mouse/bluetooth issue.


      I have been checking powercfg, and it seems to be running in "Performance mode", and in Device Manager I disable "let this device... go to sleep".. And yes running latest Windows update, and Running Windows 10 1607.