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    DP55KG with i5-650 - DISABLE BLUE PCIe controlled slots?

      Dear fellows,


      This is somewhat urgent! I hope someone can help me!

      I work with XP PRO SP3.

      This INTEL motherboard (DP55KG with i5-650) has 2 blue PCIe slots controlled by CPU.

      My graphic card is a CONNECT 3D ATI HD5770 1GB, PCIe 2.0, and I MUST install it on one of these blue slots but it does not work there (because such slots are controlled by CPU). However, it works on other black PCIe slots of same motherboard. The point is that I MUST move it to a blue slot, because I want to install other PCI and PCIe devices and graphic card is big and turns it impossible.

      So, the question is: is it possible to DISABLE (somehow) the CPU controlling function of such blue slots, turning them into NORMAL PCIe slots, like the black ones?

      Please, say YES and let me know how...!

      Thanks in advance,