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    Help Me! Model S2600CP


      Hello dear users! Help me please to launch my S2600СP server.

      I have this problem:

      It was installed system Windows Server 2008 x64 R2. Very noisy coolers and I decided to update the BIOS to automatically adjust the noise coolers. I downloaded the update "S2600CP_SFUP_BIOS02060002_ME020107328_BMC0125r9398_FRUSDR111" and set them with the windows command line. Update was successful, but after I turned off the server and turn it on again, it is no longer loaded, again noisy cooler and there is no signal on the monitor.

      I read the instructions, move the jumper to position 2-3 and would like to install the BIOS firmware from the flash drive, but I did not work, writes: BIOS INSTALLED: SE5C600.86B.02.03.0003

      Platform ID: S2600CP

      And flashing cursor to the bottom, no processes not.



      I ask your help, please tell me what should I do?