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    Bootmgr missing


      Hi have a NUC54250 and decided to swap the second 2.5 drive out to a larger capacity and now I get bootmgr is missing.The operating system(windows10) is on a SSD drive and have tried  first  boot  from both drives but get this error, as soon as I put the old drive in every thing works ok.Any ideas what I need to change in bios please

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          This happens all the time. The problem is that the (in your system's case, mSATA) SSD is connected to SATA Lane 1 and the optional 2.5" data drive (be it HDD, SSD or SSHD) is connected to SATA Lane 0. By default, Windows is going to want to install its boot files to the drive connected to SATA Lane 0 - which means that, by default, they go onto your data HDD.


          How do you avoid this? You follow this installation process:


          1. Install Windows with only the mSATA SSD installed (i.e. do not install any 2.5" data drive yet).
          2. After Windows is fully installed, shutdown and power off the NUC and install the 2.5" data drive.
          3. When you power back on, use F2 to go into BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS). Once there, change the boot order so that the entry(s) of the SSD are above the entries for the 2.5" drive.
          4. Boot into Windows. If the drive has been initialized before, it should just show up and work. If it doesn't show up, use the Disk Management applet (start with command "DiskMgmt.msc") to initialize it, create a partition on it and then format it (as NTFS file system).


          What do I do now that I am in this state? The bad news is that I know of no way to migrate the Windows boot files off of the drive and onto your SSD and its existing Windows install. You could take the two 2.5" drives and hook them to another computer and use some sort of software to copy these files over, but this is a process fraught with potential issues. The best thing to do (as painful as it is) is to reinstall Windows using the process detailed above. By not having the 2.5" drive in the system, this will ensure that the boot files are on the SSD...


          Sorry I didn't have better news. If someone else knows of some magic for moving these files over to the SSD without reinstalling Windows, I am all ears too...


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            Thanks might try to clone the  second drive and hope.If it fails will re install windows which is going to be a pain.Will let you know how it goes

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              Thank you very much to for the information posted previously.
              To :
              I just wanted confirm the information above as correct, and in this case the suggestion given on the last post will be a pretty good work around for this scenario, hopefully the re-installation of Windows will not be necessary.
              Any questions, please let me know.