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    Intel Nuc 6 Generation - weak Wi-fi adapter and other issues


      My question is generally not for users, but for engerneers. Why do you make such a weak wi-fi adapters?

      I used plenty of devices, and they acheived much better speed results (using 802.11n, 2 channels). I have pretty hard environment - about 8m to router, 1 wall, 3-4 wi-fi with decent signals nearby, ~12 networks total, a couple of radio devices. But laptops and smartphones, which i tested easily acheive 60-70Mbps in tests (with special conditions) and 50 - in real life, and only Nuc (with 8260 adapter) have only 30Mbit connection (I didn't achieved more than 50mbit in tests), despite of all my attemps to improve signal strengh and configure the drivers. I hope you will improve your device in the next series, because Atheros and Broadcom adapters easily beats your Intel adapter.

      PS. Don't advice me to use 5 Ghz, it's all about comparison of adapters when other devices shows around -50 RSSI, and only Nuc shows -65 and worse.


      Another key problem of using Nuc is lack of usb 2.0 port - why didn't you make at least 1 more USB 2.0 port. I don't speak about convenience of installing Win7 (it's awful - because you may get instant errors using your utility and have to integrate the drives manually), but Nuc is portable device for media and office purposes, but why did you make 2 USB 3.0 on the back site for wireless mouse and keyboard, which needs only slow USB? And why at the same time you make internal USB 2.0 ports, which is unused for 99% of users ?! Additional adapters for that hidden ports are just a headache.


      That's the main problems I had using Nuc, but another minor problem is lack of support of card-reader in Win7? Really? You have the best IT and engineers who can't solve the problem?  You also may improve the cooling system, audio hardware and make better compatibility with DDR vendors, not like problems with Corsair earlier. This year's generation of processors and graphics card is awesome - there is nothing to change.


      Thus I advice you:

      1) Add EXternal USB 2.0 ports (1 or even 2) - for "tower" version

      2) Add the possibility of using the external wi-fi antenna - maybe, or improve the signal strength

      3) Make full Windows 7 support!

      4) Make multi-language Bios

      5) Make the switch button slightly bigger!

      6) Mini DisplayPort - is a joke?! (in "tower" version)

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          Hello :
          Thank you very much for providing that feedback about the Intel® NUC, your comments are very valuable for us to try to improve our products and we really appreciate you took the time to provide that information that also can be shared with all the peers viewing this thread.
          I will transfer all the suggestions you gave us to the proper department so they can take all this comments under consideration in the development of future products.
          Any questions, please let me know.

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