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    SE7520BD2SATAD2 BIOS Issues


      Attempting to install a pulled working SE7520BD2SATAD2. Two XEON 2.8 GhZ processors. Board would not boot with both CPUs installed. After reading through posts here, identified that the BIOS is possibly out of date (cannot confirm because I cannot get board to boot). Thus, pulled one processor and booted the board. Using USB, attempted to update the BIOS but received incorrect ID message (BIOS was not flashed). I then cleared the CMOS and rebooted. Now, cannot boot to post. LED indicators give me in order beginning M > R R G G. Not getting floppy seek, so unable to do a recovery.

      I'm stumped. Have repeatedly cleared CMOS. Unsure where next to look.

      Let me know if you need more info.


      - Dave