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    6700k FPS dropping on games




      Iv bought a i7 6700k recently, but when i play most of my games, the fps drops significantly after a shot time of use, and this as peaks that come and go allongside the time play.

      the same "lagging" spread to the pc sometimes, when i alt + tab.


      I have searched a lot, but dont have found any question with the same specs as my own, the temperature is ok with the processor and gpu, th only strange thing is that on the image.


      My active core count is on the most of the time in 0, o noticed that when the games run smooth, the cores have an value different that 0.


      Im using an ASUS B150m-c BR  at bios version 2001 (came this way, i did not update),and a GTX 670 that i was using previously on my old i5 2320 with no problems, and a 750w cooltek font.


      Please, give me a hand on that, thx.