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    NUC6i3SYB - PCH Temp 128 °C in BIOS as a result it freezes


      Hi all,

      my new NUC6i3SYB worked for 2 months without any problems, but now it freezes every 2-3 days, and helps only updating BIOS and only by removing Security Jumper...


      After first time my NUC had been frozen, following steps have been taken:


      - BIOS update

      - clean Windows reinstall

      - all new drivers over Intel Driver Utility installed


      I think the problem is in "very high" PCH Temp... And only today I'd noticed that the temperature is 128C almost after NUC's starts.



      Error by trying to update bios in Normal way


      Update successfully only by removing BIOS Security Jumper


      As the result - BIOS displays correct  PCH temperature



      And now NUC works normally. This method helps for 2-3 days... Then once again - bios update by Jumper removing.

      Any ideas or suggestions ?


      PS. I use NUC as home PC - Internet browsing + sometimes Photoshop+Lightroom

      PSS. In attachment some temp statistics in xls and my configuration