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    Does Raid Web Console 5.00 support SBS2008?


      How to control single SBS2008 server LSI RAID locally? Is there any SBS2008 compatible RAID management software?

      Motherboard S3210SH Small Business Server RAID Web Console v.5.00.1200 installation fails with
      Error 1920. Service MRMonitor (MegaMonitorSrv) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


      When I finally picked "cancel" the installation was removed.

      Any ideas how to install?


      The purpose is to manage and control RAID health locally and if supported to send Email alerts.

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          For RWC to run correctly, make sure you have installed latest RAID Driver, and TCP port 5571 and 3071 are not blocked by firewall. Disable any anti-virus possibly.


          • Uninstall the Web Console. 
          • Reinstall and choose custom. 
          • For the installation type choose 'standalone'. 
          • Once installation is complete. Go to Programs > Web Console > Startup UI . 
          • The logon window should appear.  Log on using local admin account info.  Console will open and you can configure alerts etc.


          WHen i had this board, I installed this utility several on Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2. Unfortunately, i did not have any SBS version to try.


          All the best,


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            There isn't much more SBS 2008 OEM basic installation, single server control. No VmWare.

            Following is the full list of errors:

            1. When installing RAID Web Console v.5.00.1200
            Error 1920. Service MRMonitor (MegaMonitorSrv) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient

            plivileges to start system services.

            2. From services when trying to start mrmonitor manually: Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or

            control request in a timely fashion PS. When doublechecking - service isn't listed under services any more neither such is such a file mrmonitor.exe on HDD. Apparently it's the part of Raid web console, which was automatically uninstalled after error.

            3. from SBS Event viewer:
            Faulting application mrmonitor.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a8d3dc0, faulting module

            LIBEAY32.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e03824, exception code 0xc0000138, fault offset

            0x0006f04e, process id 0x1704, application start time 0x01caab76bbfd0903.


            And finally, whith all my respect, the most urgent question, why it takes over 12 hours until posting is visible on discussion board? As a result and due to opposite time zone between continents experts usually read posting on the next morning and the same way back the reply usually is not available no earlier then 48 hours at it's best. IMO it doesn't feel here like in the server room at all, at least as we know it :-)

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              Hello Rajiv


              Thanks for your reply. As posting appear here with 12 hours delay one of my posting was crossed we yours. But there is no problem.

              Problem is taht I have done from the very beginning as you suggested but as last instalaltion step is to start mrmonitor service which fails and as a result the whole installation is rolled back without my intervention when I choose cancel to stop starting of mrmonitor. There is no choise to finish installation without starting mrmonitor service. But until I didn't click to cancel "start mrmonitor" I could start console from start menu. There was no RAID and I couldn't connect it to any server or whatever.


              As Mrmonitor.exe seems to be related with email alerts, may it be that computer must have kind of Email client installed prior to RAID web console installation?


              PS. What do you mean opening 5571 and 3071 ports, is it for mutli PC configuration? I have a single server accessing with remote desktop or from console and I'd like to receive email alerts from RAID. Therefore I guess the problem can't be with ports.


              Thanks for your time!

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                Did you run the setup program as Administrator?


                Extract the files, right click on setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator".

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                  My account is the admin account but now I checked also run as administrator setup but result is same.

                  As Mrmonitor.exe (Megamonitorsrv) service seems to be email alert related, may it be that I need to isntall some Email services first?

                  Also Java comes into mind, while it's suggested not to install anything not needed, do I need to install Java, the common runtime version?

                  Could anyone suggest some other SBS2008 and hardware (Raid) related forums without 24 hours delay?



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                    It has passed over month and the problem still exists. I have contacted Intel a over a month ago but the single message I have received,  is that they are looking for a solution. Grin.


                    My SBS 2008 system is up and running with 2xHDD LSI mirror, what doesn't leave much of room for experimenting neither.


                    Any suggestions - what software is required to install preliminary to installing RAID web cosnsole?

                    Perhaps I have omitted something which I didn't considered not essential as for a single locallay managed server?


                    Thanks in advance.

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                      The only requirement of RWC2 is Windows Installer 3.0, which should be included in SBS2008 already. But I'd still suggest you install latest Windows Installer from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=5A58B56F-60B6-4412-95B9-54D056D6F9F4&displaylang=en

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                        Jason Tan

                        In addition to what Edward said, there is a new RAID Web Console available for download, it is version 6.71-01 available at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18440. Goodluck.