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    OS getting rebooted automatically post Driver install


      I have downloaded Intel NIC driver for “Intel(R) Gigabit 4P
      I350-t rNDC “ NIC adapter for Windows 10 OS from below link




      Below are the steps I performed for driver installation

      1. Extracted 21_1_cd.zip
        file to C drive on the target system.
      2. Open
        command prompt in administrative mode.
      3. Go to C:\21_1_cd\APPS\PROSETDX\Winx64
        path. (21_1_cd is the extracted folder name in C drive)
      4. Execute
        below command to install the driver
        1. Start /w DxSetup.exe /qn /norestart


      The driver does not get installed including proset software. If I
      don’t pass /norestart, the driver and proset gets installed but it reboot

      I want to know how to install the driver and proset without
      auto-rebooting. I will take care of rebooting the system immediately after the
      driver is installed.