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    Trying to deep understand the example programs




      I've recently managed to run the example programs (with the help of this community ). I'm working with a Quark D2000 dev kit on Windows 10. Also I've made some little change or mixed the programs together. Now I'm trying to undertand every line of the code in order to have fully understanding of what's going on. For example, this line: "static qm_gpio_port_config_t cfg".


      I know what "static" stands for, but "qm_gpio_port_config_t" was kind of harder to get. I decided to go through the ".h" files and I found the explanatios I was looking for. Also looking in the Quark D2000 datasheet was very useful. Unfortunately I'm finding this is resulting on a really hard way to find out.


      Is there an easier way? Is there any documentation that helps me to accomplish understanding of specific commands for this dev kit? If there's not, then I'll start reading innmediately, but I hope I'm missing something...


      Thanks in advance for your help.