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    ISS (Intel® System Studio IoT Edition) No Galileo project


      Dear All,


      I'm a beginner on using Galileo platform & ISS and I started to follow the guidelines IoT - Intel® System Studio IoT Edition User Guide for C/C++ | Intel® Software

      the document says :

                This version of the Intel System Studio IoT Edition provides support for the following boards:

      • Intel® Edison board
      • Intel® Galileo board
      • Intel® IoT gateway
      • Minnowboard* MAX


      -After having setup "w_iss_iot_2016.0.004.exe" on a Windows system, I can not find project for Galileo on the list of proposed IoT Project

      Projects are proposed only for Edison, Joule, Gateways (32bit & 64bit) and Minnowboard. No project for Galileo !

      -Same for "Manage installed Development Platforms..." menu (no Galileo)


      What are the steps I have missed to get Galileo supported as part of IoT Projects on ISS IoT Edition ?