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    STK1AW32SC replace bs OS


      I've never used Windows on any of my machines but I only found windows 10 intel compute stick on my local store.


      I need this stick to run very long period of time without restarting but very often I find that stick reboot.


      I followed the guide to disable automatic reboots but this os always find a reason to restart.


      I'm only running a python script on it but this os very often doing some cpu intensive work in background and makes the fan loud.


      All this problems are so annoying it makes wanna throw this stick out of the window.


      My questions:


      Will I lose warranty if I install a decent OS(some Linux distro) ?


      There is a Linux official image for this model and if yes where can I download it?


      Thank you!

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          Al Hill

          There are at least four sticks that have linus.  http://www.intel.com/buy/us/en/catalog/desktop/computesticks


          Your store did not have and could not get any for you?



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            Most likely, the reboots that you are seeing are the result of updates being installed. Disable automatic updates and this can be avoided (you can do it yourself as maintenance from time to time instead).


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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello barney99,


              Thank you, Al and Scott, for the answer provided!


              Please proceed with their recommendations as they work the best for you (change the unit to a Linux-based unit or disable Windows updates) and let us know how it went


              Esteban C

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                Not everyone is living in USA, here only few models were available and btw the prices listed there are fantasy,in Europe the prices are at least 50% higher.


                I've bought it last summer, did not used it till recently, so I don't think I will be able to return it.


                I was informed that my c drive have low space,wtf? I only installed python 2.7 and all my scripts combined are less than 20MB.


                So only the updates are eating all the space.


                This OS is literally cancer - will keep downloading unwanted updates until will run out of space and it won't be able to boot.LOL


                It seems that window 10 do not have a option to completely disable the updates.


                I will try to set metered connection on as described cnet.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hello barney99,


                  Have you tried this method? http://bit.ly/1gKgTvE


                  Additionally, you could use an SD card to store all documents and personal information.


                  Esteban C

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                    Why don't you just do a proper cleanup on a regular basis? I have a script file that I run on a regular basis that deletes unnecessary files. I also use the Disk Cleanup Applet from time to time to cleanup up the system files (including anything left around from Windows upgrades).


                    Here's the contents of my script file:


                    @echo off


                    rem Clean up all User files (deletes everything from each user's temp and downloads

                    rem folders plus all of their recent files and jump lists).


                    pushd %HOMEDRIVE%\Users

                        for /d %%f in (*) do if exist "%%f\Downloads" call :DelCont "%%f\Downloads"

                        for /d %%f in (*) do if exist "%%f\AppData\Local\Temp" call :DelCont "%%f\AppData\Local\Temp"

                        for /d %%f in (*) do if exist "%%f\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent" call :DelCont "%%f\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent"



                    rem Clean up Windows files (deletes everything is can from the system temp

                    rem folder plus any log files that have built up)


                    pushd %SYSTEMROOT%

                        call :DelCont "Temp"

                        for %%f in (*.log) do if not "%%f"=="WindowsUpdate.log" del "%%f"



                    rem Clean out the recycle bins (actually deletes the recycle bins and everything

                    rem in them; Windows will automatically recreate them the first time you

                    rem delete a file)


                    for %%f in (C D E F) do if exist %%f:\$Recycle.bin rd /s /q %%f:\$Recycle.bin


                    rem We're done!


                    goto :EOF


                    rem Subroutine :DelCont, which explicitly deletes all files in, and all folder

                    rem trees below, a specific folder.




                    pushd %1

                        for /R %%g in (*) do del "%%g"

                        for /D %%g in (*) do rd /S /Q "%%g"



                    exit /b


                    I am sure there are other files and folders that could be added to improve it even more - or deleted; some folks might not like their recent files or jump list contents deleted, for example. If you do make improvements, let me know about them...


                    Hope this helps,


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                      Thank you very much,I will try your script!


                      As for automated updates it seems I still can't stop them.


                      I set wifi connection as metered connection,I also did the registry trick and set wifi value to 2 as described on howtogeek site but it still found an update (KB3199986), installed it and restarted.


                      The other solutions to block the updates applies to win 10 pro and this device have win 10 home.

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                        Finally the nightmare it's over!


                        I set autologin to windows.


                        I added my script to windows startup.


                        Modified the script to save vital variables when they change to a config file on SD card.They do not change very often(may change at 10 min but usually more than an hour) so not disk intensive write plus the chances that a restart will occur while writing to disk it's very low.


                        Modified the script to load the config at startup.


                        Now it can restart whenever it wants, the script will continue from where it was!

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Please keep us updated with the results.

                          I believe I saw it worked for Home as well, as per the article, but have you tried to contact Microsoft directly for the update/restart issue in order to get further troubleshooting?

                          Esteban C

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                            Intel Corporation
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                            You got it working while I was answering!


                            That is great to hear barney99!!


                            Please keep in mind, if further inquiries are present, here we can assist you with other communities collaborations and our agents


                            Best regards,
                            Esteban C