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    How do I get Windows 7 to see the M2 ssd6 installed in my NUC6i5SYH?  Latest Bios and win7 drivers as of 2016/11/29 installed.


      I installed the M2 drive and a sata ssd (sandisk), 16GB memory and attempted to install windows 7 from a prepared usb stick. After copying the install files to a partition on the sata ssd, I was able to installed windows to the remainder of the SATA ssd. I've installed all the drivers identified by the Intel scan utility with the exception of the near field one (no hardware). I updated the BIOS yesterday to the latest available.


      The system is fast, stable and a delight to use, but I can't see the Intel M2 ssd except in the BIOS.


      I'd guess missing driver, but I can't find one - any ideas?