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    NUC's with VPRO


      Exploring my existing base of INTEL NUCs.

      None seem to have VPRO Processors.

      I'm assuming (dangerous) that the processors can Not be replaced / upgraded to more specific processors that contain the VPRO technology.

      If this is a NUC motherboard swap - which motherboards contain processors with VPRO and how will they maintain compatibility on installation

      (physically and to an existing Installed OS drive set)?

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          Intel has released two NUCs and one Compute Stick with full VPro support.


          • The boards - which are available for separate purchase - are the D53427RKE and the NUC5i5MYBE.
          • The corresponding NUC systems are the D53427HYE and NUC5i5MYHE.
          • Note that the boards in other NUC systems cannot be replaced with these boards; the front and back panel connectors are in different places. There are third-party chassis that will take the VPro boards, however; check out such sites as GORITE, Micro SATA Cables and Logic Supply for more information...
          • The Compute stick is the STK2mv64CC.



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            I note the difference in the motherboard - will explore further.

            New to the Stick - is there a Second Generation - seems that there are at least two processors.

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              Yes, this is one of the 2nd generation Intel Compute Sticks (ICS), but this is the only ICS with full VPro support.


              The 1st generation ICS utilize Atom processors. The original Falls City (FC) family utilized the Atom Z3735F processor. There were versions with Windows 10 Home pre-installed (STCK1A32WFC) and with Linux pre-installed (STCK1A8LFC). The replacement Sterling City (SC) family utilizes the Atom x5-Z8330 processor. There are versions with no O/S pre-installed (STK1A32SC) and with Windows 10 Home pre-installed (STK1AW32SC).


              The 2nd generation ICS utilize Core m processors. The Cedar City (CC) family contains two non-VPro ICS with Core m3-6Y30 processor and one VPro ICS with Core m5-6Y57 processor. The non-VPro ICS come either with no O/S pre-installed (STK2m364CC) or with Windows 10 Home pre-installed (STK2m3W64CC). The VPro ICS (STK2mv64CC) comes with no O/S pre-installed; its ME hosts support for AMT 11.0, VT, VT-d, TXT, IPT and TPM 2.0.



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                Intel Corporation
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                Please check NUC and Intel® Compute stick specifications at http://ark.intel.com


                Vpro Support  Intel® Compute Stick STK2mv64CC



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                  Looking at that site, it appears none of the latest 6th generation NUCs support vPro/AMT any more.

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                    Yes, absolutely true; there are no 6th generation NUCs with VPro. The last NUC with VPro support was the (5th generation) Maple Canyon (NUC5i5MYHE).


                    Since Intel does not pre-announce products, we'll have just to wait to see when the next design including VPro will appear.