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    Support site not working, need to RMA/swap a defective i7-6700K


      This is an RMA request for defective i7-6700K.  Upon installation of the i7-6700K CPU with a new Z170 motherboard in my HTPC many moons ago, the system randomly blue screened but it was infrequent so I let it ride thinking it might be drivers since the Intel processor diagnostic software did not indicate a problem.  For the most part, I would get one of these blue screens:








      Turns out that Xfinity X1 was offering a great deal which eliminated my need for a dedicated HTPC and then we found out that we were moving anyway so I put the HTPC to bed so to speak...


      Fast forward to last week and decided to move that HTPC hardware to a new case and use it to replace my aging desktop.  I got a new case and proceeded to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro. But I could not install the OS - at all.  No matter what I did with the BIOS or the hardware (booting from HDD, booting from USB, booting from DVD), the system would blue screen almost immediately when the spinning dots started in the installer (when you do an installation of Windows, it will display the windows logo for a second or so, and then display the spinning bots).  So basically I was getting blue screens within a few seconds of the process starting.  Ironically, I was getting the same blue screens I  noted above with the addition of KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED.  Note that these blue screen were completely random.... It could be any of these blue screens for no rhyme or reason.


      I tested the RAM extensively (isolating chips, running memtest, etc) without error but I eventually just replaced the RAM outright because you never know - but no change.


      I tested and updated firmware on the hard drives - no change.  Thinking it might be an UEFI issue, I took the designated system drive and wiped it on another system so it was fresh.  No change.


      This one was the best... Even with a DVD or USB install attempt, with NO hard drives at all, it blue screened in the same place.


      I did a LOT of permutations of BIOS configuration and hardware configuration but nothing changed - blue screened at the spinning dots.  I replaced the motherboard THREE times during this process and nothing changed.  I was originally using an MSI Krait gaming motherboard.  Swapped to Gigabyte, replace that one and then went back to an MSI Gaming M5.


      In a fit of desperation, and great Black Friday weekend pricing, I purchased another 6700K yesterday and that new one works perfectly.  In the same system, I just dropped the new processor in and everything just works.  The OS installed and no blue screens whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, this is the system I am making this request on,


      Thus, I'd like to replace this defective CPU.