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    Can I consider retrieving data from my SSD myself? Intel 335 240gb doesn't not appear nor mount


      Hello everyone,



      I had installed an intel 335 240gb ssd in my MacBook Pro. One day I shutdown manually the computer since it wouldn't by itself. Next day when turning it on, the ssd doesn't seem to work anymore and my mac refused to boot. I tried putting it in a PC, it wouldn't show in the BIOS, I've tried putting it in a USB dock, wouldn't show either. Has there been several cases ?


      I've brought it to a repair shop they asked me 1000+ euros to repair it, they said maybe a memory module is faulty. Unfortunately I don't have the money to do that. Is there anything I can do on my own, even with buying special tools, to make a diagnostic and try retrieving data ?



      Thank you very much for your replies!