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    NUC6i7KYK No 3D option from TV.


      Hi there,


      so after having many issues with my previous unit. i replaced my NUC6i7KYK with a new one.
      Strange problem now - i have a digital Panasonic TV - 65" Inch. among other things the TV support 3D.


      on the TV  - When i go to input "Hdmi 3" - (the nuc is connected on that HDMI port.) the TV option for 3D is grayed out. and i can't choose it.

      If i will go to a different HDMI input - let's say my cable box on Input HDMI 2. then the 3D on TV - is not grayed out. and i am able to choose it.


      the hardware should be fine - the Hdmi cables connected to nuc support 3D. and there are Draft 2.0.


      i am using latest Drivers, and Bios.

      Win 10 64bit - Fresh\Clean install.

      Thank you all for your help.



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