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    Fps drops @ 1000 polling rate with Logitech g502 mouse (is using hard cover mouse pad)


      So i just recently upgraded my rig from fx 8350 to a I7 6700k yesterday. Since then i was not able to get a stable frame-rate on games like overwatch, counter strike go, and DOOM (while using vulkan). This was never an issue back when i was using the fx 8350 and now i'm contemplating to switch back because i can't stand using 125 polling rate. 125 polling rate just goes to fast for me while i'm browsing or trying to pick a option in game. I have heard that 500-1000 is taxing on the CPU but i can't understand how a i7 wouldn't work while the inferior fx-8350 can. I had tried uninstalling the Logitech gaming software than reinstalling it and i still get the same results, low fps while moving the mouse. If anyone can give me ideas on what to do next it will be great. I'm am using windows 10 64-bit