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    Does the new ( Rapid Storage Technology driver address issues in Windows 10 where HDDs couldn't be defragmented while using iRST?


      I consulted these forums in the past about this issue, but the individual providing support didn't seem to think Intel had been able to replicate these issues and thus couldn't address them.  Could anyone provide any information on this topic now that there's a new driver?  I believe this has been an issue for a lot of folks using Dell XPS 15 9550's whether or not they realize it.  Costumers routinely complain about BSODs for this laptop and I too experienced them on a regular basis (even needed to send my PC back for repairs, twice) until I reformatted and did not reinstall iRST.  Since then, my computer has been completely stable (this was months ago).  Before my computer ultimately began to fail, the first sign of a problem would be that I could no longer defragment my 1TB HDD.  Windows would see it as a SSD, which was obviously an error.


      Thanks for any help.