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    How to enable Rear Audio functions in INTEL  DH61WW Board....


      Greetings to all,


      The current BIOS onboard only have the Front Panel selection and the Audio driver Software from the CD have no option to enable Rear Audio function too.


      Also, if updating to latest BIOS with the option/selection to Enable the Back Audio function, please advice where can I find the latest BIOS updates for this particular motherboard.


      Your kind assistance and help, would be much appreciated.


      Thank you .

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          I am not sure I understand your issue. There is no differentiation between front and rear audio; they are both supported by a single hardware IC (Audio CODEC) and a single device driver and there are not location-specific parameters in BIOS Setup. Are you saying that you cannot hear sound from speakers connected to the rear port (green connector)?


          Have you checked in the Windows Sound applet to ensure that the rear sound output is enabled as the device output device? To invoke the applet, right-click on the Speaker icon in the System Tray and select Playback Devices. Then, look for the Speakers entry in the list of playback devices (it will also be labeled as being part of the Realtek High Definition Audio). If you find this entry, do the following: First, right-click on this entry and select Test. You should hear a test sound from first the left and then the right speaker. If you hear this sound, right-click on the entry again and select Set as Default Communications Device. Once this is done, you can close the Sound applet. Subsequent sound should be heard through these speakers connected to the rear port (green connector).


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Scott,



            Appreciate your prompt response.



            1. In fact, for this particular board and the existing on board BIOS, it's only the Front Audtio that is available in the Bios setup.

            2. Tried to configure the Rear Audio but the rear audio image on all available software setup via Windows, are not activated (or rather dimmed) and therefore unable to click on to switch over from Front to Rear unless via BIOS.

            3.  Having accepted as is for the Front Audio and installed the necessary audio drivers from the accompanies CD, there's no sound even though the setup showing both the Pink and Green I/O are lighted and the speaker icon showing as active and working.

            4.  Trying to Flash the BIOS with the available ROM  downloaded from your site, it then indicated that my existing BIOS is not supported and unable to proceed.  I am not sure what it means.

            5.  This board is perhaps near obsolete and in view of the above including unable to flash the BIOS,  therefore, I will be procuring a latest generation board and cpu or to procure and use a sound card instead.


            Nevertheless, I thank you for your effort and kind assistance.


            Have a great week ahead.





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              No, the BIOS does not differentiate by connector; onboard audio is either enabled or disabled. There is a parameter related to whether a front panel cable is connected to the board, but this is only to indicate the kind of cable that is being connected.


              If you already have the latest available BIOS installed, there is not much else you can try. This board is 5 generations and almost 6 years old. Support for Windows 10 is sparse (and onboard graphics is not supported unless a 3rd-generation processor is used). Time to upgrade...



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