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    HD 4000 Laptop & External VGA Monitor - Black Screen


      Specs as follows:


      Asus X501A w/ i3-3120m (Intel HD Graphics 4000)

      Win10 Pro 1607 (14393.447)

      Driver version




      *With external VGA monitor connected (tried Benq T221WA & G2220HDA), monitor receives signal, but remains black.

      *Without external monitor connected, ghost monitor named "Generic Non-PNP Monitor" persistently detected in Device Manager.

      *In Advanced Display Settings, the ghost monitor's resolution mode is limited to 1024x768 & 800x600.

      *Attempted to force manual display resolution in Intel Graphics utility, also tried reverting back to older driver sets, to no avail.


      Both built-in LCD panel & HDMI are working normally, external VGA used to work normally back in March of this year.

      Not sure if it is a Win10 1607 Anniversary Update issue, driver issue, outdated BIOS, or perhaps some unknown hardware defect during that time.

      Thanks & any help appreciated.