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    How do I "Lock" the screen resolution w/GMA HD (i3-530 Dell 580s)?


      I have a Dell 580s with Win 7 x86 (yes 32 bit). Displaying on a Panisonic TH-37PX60U (720p). If I leave the computer running and power up the TV, frequently Media Center is displayed at about 25% of the screen area in a box centered in the display. I am not sure of the screen resolution but as soon as I minimize Media Center, the desktop returns to full resolution. I am then prompted with a Windows notification that my screen resolution is set to a resolution that is not ieal for my monitor.


      Is there any way to "lock" the screen resolution at 1280 x 720 and not leave this up to Windows or the Intel driver? Not sure where the issue is. Either minimizing Media Center or sometimes turning the display off and then back on will resolve the issue but it happens about 80% of the time that I power up the display. I have played with the settings within Media Center and guessing that the issues originates with either the display or Intel driver / GMA.


      The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is suffering.