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    Server Board S3210SHLC power on but no video output, clicking noise every 10s


      Hi everyone


      I've just got hold of a new Intel S3210SHLC motherboard to upgrade our email server. I bought an Intel X3360 quad-core xeon to go with it.
      Installed and connected everything however when I power up I get no video output to the monitor. All fans start up, and I get a green light on an LED marked 5VSB_LED


      Every 10 seconds or so there's a small click coming from somewhere on the board and the power LED on the front of the case flickers off slightly, coinciding with this click noise.


      So I took a look at the diag LEDs.


      The LSB is amber for a few seconds, which according to the table in the manual corresponds to a 0x11h, host processor cache initialization (including AP)


      Then the diag LEDs scramble quickly for a second and I'm unable to figure them out.


      Then they settle on MSB=R BIT_3=A BIT_2=R LSB=Off which is 0xE4h Entered EFI driver execution phase (DXE). I'm 80% sure the BIT_3 is amber, kind of looks red but slightly different to the other reds. Think it's amber though.
      It stays on this for 3-5 seconds, then the click noise and it appears to go through the cycle again.


      Now having looked at the processor compatibility chart for this board, it looks like the X3360 is only supported in later BIOS revisions (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/S3200SH/sb/CS-028293.htm) of R0039 or R0044
      So this could be the problem
      Obviously with a non-compatible processor, I'm guessing I can't check the BIOS version or upgrade the BIOS?


      Anyone got any ideas?
      Am I on the right track here?
      Anything else I should try?


      Cheers, B