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    XDK IoT edition fails to connect to Joule running Ubuntu 16.04.1


      I have installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 classic on my Joule and set up SSH connection as follows;


      1. sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

      added a line "PermitRootLongin yes"

      2. sudo passwd

      set the root password

      3. sudo iptables -F

      4. sudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT

      5. sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT

      6. sudo iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT

      7. sudo iptables -S

         -P INPUT ACCEPT




      Then I confirmed that I can SSH login to Joule from Mac;


         ssh sorrow@192.168.xxx.xxx


      However, when I try to connect to my Joule from XDK IoT Edition on the same Mac, it gives me an error;


      Error forwarding port

         Error: (SSH) Channel open failure: Connection refused


      I tried ssh sorrow@192.168.xxx.xxx -p 58888 and this gives me the same Conncetion refused error. It appears to be a problem of port forwarding, but sudo iptables -S gives me -P FORWARD ACCEPT.


      The XDK IoT Edition is updated to 3641. It is not likely to be a problem of the rooter, since I could connect to the same Joule with Ostro XT from a PC.


      Any suggestion would be most welcome.