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    Connecting to the Joule over UART through GPIO


      Hi I am trying to connect the the Joule 570x over UART to the Pxihawk flight controller similar to the tutorial found here: Communicating with Raspberry Pi via MAVLink — Dev documentation


      by connecting the ground Telem2 port to pin 39 (J12) on the joule
      Then we connected Rx from Telem2 to pin 22 (J12) UART_1_TXD on the joule
      Then we connected Tx from Telem2 to pin 24 (J12) UART_1_TRD on the joule



      We did not connect the +5V from the Pxihawk to the +5V rail of the Joule because we are powering the Pxihawk from USB.



      Once it is all connected dmesg | grep tty only returns the standard tty0. We also tried rebooting the joule but still no connection was available. Any ideas on how to connect to a device over UART?