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    segmentation fault on timer expired


      Hello everyone;


      We are currently use the Linux SDK (tool-chain) for Intel Galileo rev 2 Board  which was generated from the Yocto-Build System using the below command.


      " bitbake image-full-intel-gen2-dev -c populate_sdk"

      We are developing our code using the below two api.

      timer_create(CLOCK_REALTIME, &te, timerID);

      timer_settime(*timerID, 0, &its, NULL);


      We are compiling our code using below command after set the environment variables.


      $CC Test.c -o TEST -lrt


      As soon as Timer which is created using above mentioned Api expires, Segmentation Fault Occurs.


      We also compile the same code on eclipse plug in windows system which is downloaded from Intel side. its working fine.


      so Please help us to resolve above issue.