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    i7 6700k skylake - Big difference between cores temperature - 13°C difference between coldest and hottest core


      I bought brand new i7 6700k proccesor and did monitoring in hwinfo and real temp.

      Cooling is very good: Noctua NH-U12S with two fans.

      I have factory default clock and dont use GPU in CPU.


      I have also differences in voltage for cores. Here is maximum.

      1,285V, 1,282V, 1,276, 1,264


      IDLE minimum temps:

      28, 30, 26, 26 °C


      Under load in gaming is difference between coldest and hottest much bigger. Here is maximum:

      65, 70, 58, 57 °C


      Is this temps in normal  in overall ??? In want good longevity and dont really sure about high temps for two 70 and 65 core. When others has only 58 and 57.  Im really bored about return my cpu and change for other piece...