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    Intel HD510  + H110 chipset drivers problem


      Hello, found some proiblem with intel drivers for Intel HD Graphics

      My system configuration is:

      Mainboard: Asus H110M-PLUS D3

      CPU - Intel Pentium G4400

      System: Windows 10 64 bit


      After installing Intel drivers to the system - I have a troubles with fonts and all picture, everything looks bad, fonts not clear.

      I tried to change a diffirent refresh rate ant type of polarisation. Resolution is native for display - 1920x1080.

      But nothing helps me.


      With Intel driver:


      2016-11-23 18.58.54_1067x800.jpg

      2016-11-23 18.59.05_1067x800.jpg


      With Microsoft driver (no Intel driver in the system)


      2016-11-23 19.01.35_1067x800.jpg

      2016-11-23 19.01.45_1067x800.jpg