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    Ethernet connection for Galileo Gen 2 when SD is attached


      Hello guys,


      I' ve recently acquired an Intel Galileo Gen 2 and I am trying to set an ethernet connection between it and my pc. While I can do this when I use the native linux system I cannot do it when SD card is in the galileo.


      I am using a sketch like this


      void setup() {
          system("telnetd -l /bin/sh");
          system("ifconfig eth0 netmask up");
          pinMode(13, OUTPUT);



      The led works in both cases: with the SD card and without it. However I cannot ping to when I use the SD, while I can connect via telnet when I don't use it.

      I've used this tutorial for the SD and I have upgraded the firmware. I am understanding something wrong? Is there an alternative way to set the IP for galileo, without using the ttl 2 usb cable (which I don't have)?